Mirror, Mirror.

Daniel Bryan faced his corporate makeover this week on Raw and it wasn’t what everyone thought it would be.

He came out in the typical suit and tie, with his hair slicked back. In the history of WWE, these makeovers never seem to go over well. One thing I hoped for is that they at least cut his hair. I can deal with the beard, I’m a huge Duck Dynasty fan, but that hair needs a trim. I don’t like the scraggly hobo look he has going on. Daniel Bryan in a suit just didn’t seem natural and I’m glad he rebelled against the corporate machine. He does clean up pretty good though… I really also enjoy the fact that Vince is pushing so hard on Bryan. Some may say that it is real life seeping on to television or that it is all just kayfabe. I don’t think Vince is being rude or mean in ANY way towards Daniel and his abilities.

If anyone has ever read a wrestling book or biography, they would know that Vince demands the absolute best from his employees (no matter what their position).

Seemed a little odd that Wade Barrett was the one to attempt to shave the beard, but I’m hoping that this sets up a feud for after Daniel wins the title at Summerslam. Daniel Bryan summed every feeling that the fans have when he said he sees Cena as an entertainer and himself as a wrestler. It was a bold statement and so much was said about it. I agree with it to a point, allow me to explain. I think every person in that locker room is a wrestler (except Lesnar, I don’t really know what he is because he ever actually wrestles). It doesn’t matter if you worked the indie circuit for years or if you just caught a break. Sure, Cena entertains but so does everyone else that walks down that ramp, some just do it in different ways. My jaw dropped when Daniel Bryan said that comment but it did a lot to fuel the fire heading into Summerslam. Everyone can agree that it was a good thing, no matter what way you took his comment.

I have pretty much come to the conclusion that Rob Van Dam isn’t back for a title run or to be involved in anything with main event status. He’s just a guy who loves wrestling, in my opinion, and just wants to do what he loves. RVD faced Alberto Del Rio and brought his usual high-flying athleticism, he is nothing if not entertaining. The human highlight reel won the match via pinfall but that wasn’t what made it memorable. In a shocking (or not so much) move, Alberto Del Rio turned against his friend and ring announcer. He stomped the holy hell out of Ricardo and it was painful to watch and a bit sad. He kicked him, hit him with the bucket, and delivered a drop kick while Ricardo was wedged between the ring and steps. I half expected Christian to run out and save Ricardo but I thought it would play a bit better this way, not really knowing where Ricardo’s loyalties will lie when Del Rio faces Christian in eleven days. Will he be in Alberto’s corner? In Christian’s corner? Who knows if he will even be able to stand after that brutal beating he took Monday night.

It’s always sad when a bromance ends, Monday night saw the furthering of the saga between Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow. I’m still a tad sad that they are no longer the epic tag team that they once were but they are doing a fine job as enemies. WIth Sandow holding the second MITB briefcase, it opens up the door for tons of directions that this confrontation can take. What I would like to see is Sandow win the title and then Cody take it from him. Then at the end of it all they hug it out and resume being the fantastic team that they once were. I’d even settle for seeing Cody getting the old double cross from Sandow again. The fact that these guys were so close for so long makes their battles with each other more entertaining. They know what to expect and what the other is capable of doing, with that kind of knowledge there is no way that it can be boring.

We did get treated to quite a few good matches on the show, with the exception of the divas match. I legitimately do not understand what is happening with the women’s division. Layla as a heel? COME ON! It just doesn’t make any sense. There are so many really talented women on the roster and the same models/dancers keep winning the title. There is no variety in who is winning or getting pushed. Hopefully with the Total Divas reality show, which is actually quite good, the other girls will get a chance to shine. I’m getting really sick of the Nikki and Brie show. The audience also got treated to The Wyatt’s versus Tons of Funk, Fandango versus Kofi Kingston, Big E versus Dolph Ziggler, and the Real Americans versus The Usos. The crowd just killed it for me. Not even a peep from them until Punk took on Curtis Axel. That seemed to wake them from their slumber rather quickly and keep them awake through the main event.

Punk versus Axel was wildly entertaining and provided great build up to the Beast versus the Best at Summerslam. Punk didn’t even let Axel get to the ring before he made a run at him. It seemed a little touch and go there for a few minutes, with Axel and Punk both battling for control. When it looked like Punk was beaten, Heyman decided to return and Punk got his hands on him. A scene of utter chaos unfolded as Punk took out both Curtis and Brock, then Lesnar took out the Best in the World. I don’t think that he will beat Punk at Summerslam without cheating at some point because Lesnar can’t wrestle his way out of a paper bag. The most hilarious moment came when, after the match, Heyman actually had the balls to challenge Punk to a match next week. Pardon me for a second…

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! We all know how this is going to go, Paul cheats and Lesnar comes out. If he actually goes through with it, I will be in such shock I will probably pass out.

The biggest shock of the night was Randy Orton turning heel during the six man tag match versus the Shield. His teammates were Daniel Bryan and John Cena, it is also well documented that Orton doesn’t play well with others. towards the end of the match, he hit both Cena and Daniel with an RKO. He was going to cash in his briefcase, taking the title from Cena, but backed off when the Shield started to descend on the ring. While Ambrose, Rollins, and Reigns laid the boots to Cena and Bryan, Orton just walked away.

The Viper is back in true form.

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