Knocking Down The King.

In the WWE universe, some things just become accepted, never-changing.

One of those things is the fact that John Cena will always be seen as the perfect champion, never faltering. Super Cena always comes to the rescue. He is a literal superhero, saving anyone who he thinks needs it. Vincent Kennedy McMahon even said himself on Raw this week that he wanted someone to beat Cena. He wants someone to take his title away, a new face for the WWE. I felt like there was some truth in that statement, whether he is expressing his own opinion or sharing what the majority thinks. The fact that he and Maddox are talking smack about Bryan is just going to make his victory that much sweeter. I don’t think that they are saying these not so nice things about Daniel to  beat him down, it’s just their version of tough love. With the recent demeanor of Bryan, he needed more than just a pat on the back and a ‘Good Job!’. He needed a good swift kick in the you know what.

He is being poised to knock down the top guy in the company and probably one of the most polarizing champions in the entire history of World Wrestling Entertainment. I personally hope that Daniel Bryan gets his moment in the sun and mops the floor with Cena.

What Vince said really struck a chord with me, we are hungry for a new champion and King Cena’s days are numbered.

Speaking of numbered days, Mark Henry and the Uso brothers certainly showed The Shield that their reign will soon be over. In a six man tag match on Raw, Henry threw all of the hounds of justice around like they were a cheap rag doll that a child cast aside. It was terrifying and Henry is not a guy that I would want to meet in a dark alley. I’m not the only one who was a little sad when Henry didn’t defeat Cena for the title at the last pay-per-view but this is also a good spot for him to be in. Sure, The Shield has had their fair share of opposition but nothing the likes of Henry/Usos. These three men are beasts. Working in a trio can be navigation through some tricky waters but I’m very confident that the combination of Jimmy, Jey, and Mark can get it done. It obviously isn’t a long-term group like The Shield but they can’t be discounted, they’ll provide some healthy competition for the next few months.

What I hope disappears much sooner than that is this new attitude that Ryback has. I’ve been watching wrestling a lot of years and know that heels sometimes have to walk a really fine line with what they do on camera and in the ring but Ryback is just a big bully. That doesn’t fly with me at all, moving on to more things I don’t quite understand… I think it’s great that Rob Van Dam is back and all but he doesn’t seem to have a direction right now. I don’t know what they are building him up for but I don’t think facing Fandango is it (Not that I don’t love the man with the rainbow pants!). We still don’t even know a time frame for his run, if it is permanent or short-term, so it is hard to determine what exactly will happen with him. I would also like to see this whole Aj/Big E/Ziggler thing some to an end. Now, I like the interaction that Big E and Ziggler (my only regret is that it didn’t happen sooner) and they had a great match on Raw. My problem with it is the Aj factor. Her screaming and acting nuts is getting old, she’s more annoying than ever.

The match of the night was Christian versus Alberto Del Rio, hands down. Del Rio was up to his usual shenanigans of being unusually brutal towards his opponent. I sincerely hope that Christian is picked by Alberto to be his opponent at Summerslam because he has been on such a winning streak the last few weeks. If anyone remembers, Christian has a history of being screwed over big time. Anyone else remember the last episode of ECW where he lost the title to Ezekiel Jackson? I sure do. (And I’d like to send a HUGE congrats to Christian who was announced as Del Rio’s opponent at the time this article was still being written!)

The main events were good but more on the mediocre size. Everyone knows that Bryan will beat Cena and they’ll have this epic showdown. That doesn’t necesarrily excite people. What is exciting to the fans is that Cena will no longer hold the top spot and be seen as the golden boy of the WWE. His career isn’t over by any means but it is time to let someone else shine. Before everyone freaks out, I know that Cena does things for younger talent and all that but he is everywhere. He doesn’t need to bow out of the spotlight completely but if he went away or was ‘injured’ for a while, the intrigue for his return would be big.

Cena does his best work when he is facing defeat, when the odds are against him, and when he’s getting the bejesus kicked out of him. He thrives on it.

But let’s face it, people will still boo the hell out of him.

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