Mr. Money In The Bank.

At the most recent pay-per-view event, Money In The Bank, fans were left shocked when two unexpected competitors swooped in a took the big prizes.

Those two men were Damien Sandow and Randy Orton.

My original pick to win the World Heavyweight MITB briefcase was Wade Barrett. I love him and am calling him a future hall of famer, this guy just has it all in my opinion. However, Damien Sandow stole the prize in a way that shocked everyone. He broke up the greatest bromance in the history of sports entertainment, the Rhodes Scholars. When teams go into matches where they have a possibility to go against each other, it never ends well.

Is everybody done crying yet?

This was something that I think nobody could have predicted in the slightest. All I really remember about Sandow in the match was that he came out, talked smack about Rocky Balboa, got into the match, and then kind of just disappeared. He literally disappeared! Sandow waited for his opportunity and he took it with full force. The look on his face when he won was one of complete and total satisfaction. Many disregard Damien Sandow as just someone who follows Cody Rhodes but he is so much more than that. When he talks on the microphone, he is the guy you just want to punch in the face. You want to strangle him every time he comes out and talks smack, especially if you’re from the town he’s competing in. Everyone has a friend like this who thinks he’s the best, but the difference with Damien Sandow is that he is. The surface of his ability hasn’t even begun to be scratched yet. I feel like he is just a predator waiting for the perfect moment to pounce. I am seeing a huge feud with Cody after Damien wins the title from whoever has it when he cashes in his briefcase. What would be even more beautiful is if Sandow won it from Cody using the title shot that he, in a way, stole from him. Wouldn’t that be beautiful?

I, ever so badly, wanted Christian to win the MITB all-stars match that it actually hurt. After being sidelined for what seemed like an eternity, he needed to come back with a bang. Sadly, he wasn’t able to accomplish this but did give us some great moments.

Randy Orton was the victor in this case, capturing the briefcase much to the disbelief of many people. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Randy Orton. On one hand I think he has talent, on the other I think he looks uninterested and would rather be somewhere else all the time. He just seemed like he was a bit stagnant and didn’t really have anywhere to go or anything to do. This win revitalized him in the eyes of the fans, I believe that one hundred percent. The end of that match was so beautifully unpredictable. Of course he’ll gain the title, go for a lengthy run, lose it, and then be back in the hunt again. He just needs to figure out if he is a face or a heel, I’d personally like to see him ride the line between good and bad.

The real shocking moment(s) of the match involved Paul Heyman and his newest protegé, Curtis Axel. First of all, Axel attacked Daniel Bryan and got away with it because, in Money In The Bank matches, there are no disqualifications whatsoever. That was obviously setting up a feud of some sort for the future, I’d like to see it commence immediately after Daniel crushes Cena and takes his beloved title. A little angry sounding but it is going to happen, I can almost guarantee it. The jaw-dropper came from Heyman himself when he hit Punk with the ladder. It was shocking to see but you couldn’t help but think that good things are going to come. This is setting the stage for a massive bout between Lesnar and Punk for Summerslam in just a few short weeks. I am not a fan of Lesnar at all but I’ll gladly put up with having to watch him on my television to see Punk rip him apart in the ring.

I feel like the landscape of the WWE is evolving and changing, and all the change is good. We’re getting to see what other members of the roster, those who aren’t usually the centre of attention, can bring to the ring. This is an exciting time to be a wrestling fan!

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