Extreme Rules 2013.

Extreme Rules has wrapped up and it was an event that did not disappoint the fans. Overall, I thought it was really well done considering all the injuries that left the fate of the pay-per-view in peril. Like I said in my previous post, it would be the most important event that the WWE would put on all year. Here are my hits and misses for Extreme Rules…


The Shield gains gold (x3):
They really are an unstoppable force, winning their matches and winning three championship belts all in one night. Dean Ambrose faced off against United States Champion Kofi Kingston in his first ever solo match. What impressed me the most about the whole thing was that Ambrose won it all by himself, there was no interference as Rollins and Reigns weren’t even present at ringside. I am also a huge fan of Kofi having gold because, let’s face it, he is one of the most talented wrestlers on the roster. I was a little sad to see Kofi drop the belt but it couldn’t have been to a better competitor. Ambrose will do great things with that title and winning that was just the stepping stone to bigger and better things, the same with Rollins and Reigns winning the tag titles. I’m always impressed by The Shield, even if I was a little critical of them when they debuted. I would have settled with them just having the tag belts and using the Freebird rule, something that I have been saying for quite a while. Think of how exciting it would be and how long it has been since someone has done that, it would be a treat for fans today. I hope they have lengthy title runs and continue their dominance in the WWE.

Cena/Ryback plow through the set:
This was probably the most shocking moment of the entire pay-per-view. I didn’t think it was real and I didn’t think that it was supposed to happen. Another result was that it led to a controversial match decision that is the talk of Twitter and other social media, it was a no contest. No contest means that Cena retains the title and neither man technically won the match, basically it was a draw. It was a good decision as I didn’t think Ryback had a chance of beating Cena in a Last Man Standing match. The ref didn’t count, so therefore nobody won. There is room for one final match between the two at Payback, although I think that the feud should have ended a while ago, and then that will be it. Ryback needs a bit more time before he goes for a major title. Maybe if he went for the IC belt first, let him sharpen his skills and work his way up. Putting titles on relatively new superstars is a dicey game, it either works or it doesn’t. With The Shield it works because they are consistently dominant every time we see them, Ryback seems a little uneasy in his new role as a top guy and I would be too. It takes a lot of work to be a champion and Ryback is up for it, he just needs to get his footing.

Colter throwing in the towel:
As mad as this made me, it was brilliant. It reminded me of when Helen threw in the towel for Bret, at the request of Owen. A small moment that helped to set up the win for Del Rio to be the number one contender but it made a huge impact. I watched the event with my dad and we were genuinely pissed off. What a great move for Zeb and Swagger, it brings them even more heat.

No divas match:
Do I really need to explain?

Almost every match was awesome:
All of the matches on the card really were fantastic, except for the Randy Orton/Big Show match. I just didn’t like it. With an event with such uncertainty around it, the superstars and crew of the WWE really put on a good show for the crowd in attendance and the crowd watching from home. I was enthralled through the entire two and a half hour show, watching every match with intense concentration and excitement. This is what each event should be like, it should always be the best possible show. Congratulations to the WWE.


Randy Orton versus Big Show:
I just thought that this match was incredibly mediocre, especially since they were in Orton’s hometown of St. Louis. The punt was most definitely the biggest moment in that match but that was it. There was nothing that drew me in like all of the other matches. It was just boring. I don’t buy Show as a heel or Orton as a face, vice versa yes. Randy Orton just looks like an asshole and the heel role suits him perfectly, he has that smug look that just makes you want to knock him out. How much more can you ask for in a heel? Show is a lovable giant, he’s actually incredibly funny and entertaining to watch. The match was a slight disappointment after all of the great ones that came before it on the card.

The ending of Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar:
Worst. Ending. Ever. I thought it was a pretty strong match but HHH should have won. Mostly because I am sick to death of seeing Lesnar, or I would be but he doesn’t appear on television that often. If that is Triple H’s final match, it was a bad way to go out. It just goes to prove my point that Lesnar couldn’t wrestle his way out of a wet paper bag. He always needs a stipulation as a way to cover for his lack of skill. I heard a rumor that they are going to set up Rock vs. Brock for Wrestlemania 30, may someone help us. Two guys who can’t wrestle their way out of a paper bag.

The next pay-per-view that is coming up is Payback, the bar is set high and it better not disappoint. With injuries happening, they need to keep up the momentum going into the Summerslam season. Tonight is the post Extreme Rules Raw, so let’s hope that they can keep it up!

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