The Dance Card Is Almost Full.

Monday Night Raw opened with my secret (not so secret) obsession, FANDANGO!

He, along with his partner Summer Rae, faced off with Chris Jericho and Edyta in a dance competition. Many saw this as lame, I saw it as brilliant. Of course Fandango and Summer Raw cheat to gain the win but it was probably one of the most entertaining moments of the entire broadcast. While Jericho and Edyta were helping Summer Rae with her ‘twisted’ ankle, Fandango takes the opportunity to attack Jericho. I love Fandango, that’s no secret, what also isn’t a secret is that those rainbow animal print pants were ridiculous. The two men are facing off at Extreme Rules this Sunday, it is sure to be a flashy affair.

I really admire Jericho for so much. He can take anyone, even someone talented like Antonio Cesaro, and make them shine. We got to see that happen on Friday Night Smackdown this week, with Jericho coming out victorious via submission. It really is a shame that there isn’t more going on with Cesaro at the moment but I have a feeling that great things are coming for him. It was so back and forth, it made it so exciting to watch. Cesaro caught Jericho in the gut with his knees while Jericho was executing the lionsault, it was beautiful. Almost as beautiful as the dropkick that Jericho unleashed on Cesaro.

Zack Ryder is also a superstar that is making quite the splash on the WWE scene lately, and it’s all because he is trying to change his look. I really admire that Ryder is trying to evolve his gimmick and become more than a partying, Jersey Shore wannabe. Even if he is just jobbing to Ryback for right now, this gimmick change will benefit him in the long run. I hope he stays fun-loving and energetic and doesn’t turn completely serious. Speaking of serious, can we talk about how seriously annoying the Miz is? Last event, he got stuck on the pre-show, this event he is on the pre-show, and they have him facing guys like Heath Slater. HEATH SLATER! Is he not coming back full-time? Does creative not know what to do with him? What irritates me the most about him is that he is trying to imitate Ric Flair. He should be taking what he learns from Flair and making it his own. His MizTV segment on Smackdown seemed like a hot mess, it became less and less about the Miz with every superstar that came out and he kind of just disappeared into the background.

The tag-team division also got thrust into the spotlight even more as we got treated to quite a few tag matches between Raw and Smackdown. Tons of Funk took on the Primetime Players, with the Primetime Players taking the win with a quick roll-up by Titus. I’m not a Darren Young fan by any means but they could go really far as a team, if they drop that stupid dance they do. I also really like Tons of Funk and would LOVE to see them hold the tag titles some day. On Raw, we also got treated to a six man tag elimination match that saw Cena and Team Hell No take on the hounds of justice, The Shield. I love The Shield and I can’t wait for them to take the titles and utilize the Freebird rule. It’s going to happen, mark my words. Cena delivered the first-ever defeat for the men in black, making Ambrose submit via STF. I didn’t want to see them lose, at least not to Cena. It should have been someone else, I’m not sure who but anyone else but Cena.

On Smackdown, we got treated to more tag team matches, Roman Reigns/Seth Rollins versus The Usos, another six man tag match, and a rematch between Tons of Funk and Primetime Players. The six man tag match was quite possibly the most boring six man tag match of all time. Del Rio, Sheamus, and Randy Orton went against Jack Swagger, Big Show, and Mark Henry. What a snooze fest, I didn’t even take any notes on in because I’m so sick of seeing most of these guys fight each other. The only one that really has anything substantial going on is Mark Henry. The faces won, nothing new there. The Shield’s match against the Usos was at least entertaining. The Usos are a great team and they aren’t used nearly as much as they should be. It was an engaging, interesting, and entertaining match. Much different from the six man tag team main event. Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns came out victorious but The Usos gave them a great match. Tons of Funk got the victory but it was lost amongst the rest of the broadcast, I actually glossed over it in my notes. BAD WRESTLING FAN! Just kidding…

My PVR box only recorded two hours and twenty-one minutes of Raw so I can only comment on what I’ve actually seen. What I am going to comment on is that Extreme Rules is probably the most important pay-per-view event that the WWE will put on all year, yes, even more important that Wrestlemania. So many people are out with injuries or working injured that you can’t really say who is going to win what or predict what will happen. From the pre-show until the main event, this fan will be on the edge of her seat watching it all unfold.

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