At A Glance.

The matches were the main focus of Monday Night Raw this past week, providing great entertainment but not really adding much to feuds heading into Extreme Rules.

But hey, we got some great matches and that’s alright by me.

My personal favorites were Randy Orton/Cody Rhodes and Kofi Kingston/Dolph Ziggler. All of the matches felt very familiar so there wasn’t any shock factor in terms of who was facing who but there was excitement in the crowd and it was just fun to watch. They all had their place and served their purpose but my only criticism is that they didn’t really add much to the build for Extreme Rules. What I mean by ‘didn’t add much’ was that it didn’t do anything for it. Two of the guys in one of the top-billed matches weren’t even there! All we got was a video package, a very well done video package but that was all that we got. I get Triple H has office duties and Lesnar is probably busy doing nothing but COME ON! Even if it was just a five-minute appearance, Rocky does it all the time…

The Shield were yet again the stand-out superstars of Raw and I couldn’t have enjoyed them more. Punk is out with injuries and John Cena is working injured (the severity isn’t known but it doesn’t seem to be a tear of his Achilles tendon), so somebody needs to head up the global juggernaut known as the WWE. So dominant in such a short amount of time, I can’t think of another three-man stable that has been this successful in the last ten years. It really does blow your mind, these guys were blown off by a ton of people (myself shamefully included) before they started making their mark on the canvas that is the WWE Universe.

And then 3MB comes out and ruins it all. Did they honestly think that they stood a chance? It was so ridiculous that I just laughed through the whole segment, laughing the hardest when Team Hell No came out and starting throwing them around. I don’t think that I’ve ever been more annoyed by anyone that’s in WWE, except for maybe Brad Maddox. Talk about annoying…

It seems as though there is a scramble going on due to injuries and things that can’t be helped. That exact reason probably explains why Swagger is still around even after getting busted earlier this year. What I’m hoping for is that previously underutilized talent will get more time to develop on-screen and create a following for themselves. When you have the broski Zack Ryder coming out with no shades or bandana on, you know that things are about to get real.

A special moment in the broadcast was when John Cena helped celebrate World Wish Day with some really special kids who chose to meet him for their wish. It is so touching to see the WWE go above and beyond for their fans and I was choking back tears the whole time. John Cena has personally granted over 300 wishes and the WWE has granted over 5,000 since 1982. I challenge anyone to say a disparaging remark about them, seeing as they bring so much joy to their fans. You can tell that the wrestlers enjoy doing it and that is what makes it so special, they make these kids feel like they are on top of the world despite being sick. The wrestlers also learn from the kids about what being tough is really about. Congratulations WWE!

Alas, this post must be cut short as I am working on my audition video for Drafted! Stay tuned guys!

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