Give Your Head A Shake.

You’d swear that it wasn’t Wrestlemania season based on the latest episode of Raw…

Cena opened the show with a speech about his match at Wrestlemania with the Rock and it’s just getting harder and harder to buy into it. John Cena is there selling his side of the match and what is Dwayne doing? Promoting a movie. I’m not a huge fan of this match at all but it’s kind of hard to build something when half of it is missing. The only glimpse we saw of the Rock was the preview video for his match with Cena. He always says how important wrestling and the fans are to him but he can’t even show up to promote the biggest event of the year. To me if you are champion, you are there every single show giving it your all. Sound familiar? That’s because Punk did it.

It’s less than three weeks until the biggest sports entertainment event of the year and the man who holds the most prestigious prize in wrestling isn’t even there. This is one of the problems with the build for Wrestlemania XXIX, and a problem with the latest episode of Monday Night Raw.

There were so many matches on the show and none of them really seemed to make sense with such a big show coming up. They were very good in terms of entertainment but they should have been building programs and working to make sure that the crowd was engaged in what was going on. With changes in management and problems within creative itself, it is fully understandable why things may seem rapid and not as fluid as usual. I think those superstars who are competing at Wrestlemania should have been facing their opponents instead of other people on Raw.

Ryback faced David Otunga, that match set up his Wrestlemania match with Mark Henry. To me, that should have been set up almost immediately before or after the Elimination Chamber. I think that they will put on a hell of a match but I don’t want it to be just a strongman competition for fifteen minutes. Henry is incredibly athletic and deserves his time to shine on the grandest stage in wrestling. They did this a second time when they had Alberto Del Rio face Cody Rhodes, it’s not that it wasn’t a good match but they should have worked the story with Swagger and Colter more instead of just having them appear at the end and attack Ricardo. With the recent legal troubles that Swagger has had, he will probably be wished well on his future endeavors. In saying that, Cody Rhodes would be a good choice to go against Del Rio in the future. Both were very entertaining on Raw and I truly enjoyed their match.

Fandango also almost had a wrestling match this week. ALMOST. I don’t get what the point of his character is, so I won’t waste any more space in this post on him.

The Triple H and Brock Lesnar story also continued on Monday with a contract signing. Contract signings, like weddings, never go well in th world of wrestling. Heyman did most of the talking for Lesnar, who only made an appearance at the end when his manager got the holy hell beat out of him by Hunter. I think the match will be okay but it will be nothing compared to his Hell in a Cell battle with the Undertaker. If I had to pick a match for him to retire on, it would have been that one. That match was a symphony in the ring. I like the no holds barred stipulation but Lesnar shouldn’t be able to treat it like it is a UFC fight. It is a wrestling match, nevermind the stipulation. Lesnar can`t wrestle, he can roll around with people in an octagon but he can’t actually wrestle. Logically speaking, this is the only stipulation that could work even remotely in his favor.

Hot topic of the broadcast was the, in my opinion, incredible promo work of Punk. The Undertaker and CM Punk are doing the most brilliant job of building their match, there isn’t enough good things that I can say about it. Allegedly, many saw this as disrespectful but I don’t think it was. I also don’t think that it would have happened if the Undertaker said no. There is no disrespect or animosity between them. Punk and Taker are just two guys dedicated to doing their best for the fans, no matter what the reaction. Everyone just needs to relax.

There is no other match I am looking forward to more than Punk versus Undertaker. That is the main event of Wrestlemania this year, whether anyone wants to admit it or not.

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