Saying Goodbye To An Old Friend.

The wrestling world finally got to see what the Undertaker thought of the passing of his long time manager, Paul Bearer.

It was the perfect tribute to someone who was such an important part of his career and helped to shape him as a personality and a competitor. When I heard the news of Paul’s passing, my mind went immediately to Taker. Wha is he thinking? How is he dealing with this? Will it stop him from competing at Wrestlemania? There were so many questions that every fan had to be wondering.

I thought the tribute was done fantastically well. To have Vince McMahon personally narrate the tribute video just goes to show how special William Moody was and how much he meant to everyone in the company. I thought it was a nice touch that they showed moments from his time as Percy Pringle III, a character that very few wrestling fans (including myself) knew about. Seeing the Undertaker down on one knee in front of the urn made me a little teary eyed. It signified the end of something special for me as a wrestling fan, it was one more person from my childhood that wasn’t there anymore. Out of all the manager/superstar relationships, the strongest one I remember is Undertaker and Bearer. He had such an impact on not only the Undertaker, but wrestling as a whole. As McMahon said, he was the most unique manager that the business had ever seen.

What I also liked was that Punk interrupted and I know that pissed off a lot of people on Twitter. I thought that it was magic. I also thought that Bill would have one hundred percent approved of what was going on. To me, he was always for whatever made the business better and his love for wrestling exacerbated that. Punk taking the urn at the end of Raw was also a fantastic piece to build on their coming match at Wrestlemania XXIX.

As I have said before, the wrestling world is a little less bright.

Rest in peace Mr. Bearer. Ooooooh yeeeeeessssss……

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