Raw Goes Old School.

I always love when Raw goes old school. It’s a different atmosphere and it is something special for the fans. Such a solid show and it had, for me, the biggest moment of 2013 (yes, I went with biggest moment).

I thought all of the matches were quite good, except for the main event but we can get to that later. Onto some of the matches…

Antonio Cesaro versus Ryback
There is no denying the strength of either of these men but I think that Cesaro has the upper hand. This man is a beast and makes Ryback look like a regular guy, that is no small feat. I get a push for Ryback but it shouldn’t come at the expense of the United States champion (or any champion for that matter). Antonio Cesaro is a champ, not a chump and shouldn’t be used to get Ryback more over. At the end of the match, Mark Henry approached the ring for his obvious squash match with Zack Ryder. Henry versus Ryback? Now THAT is something I would love to see!

Speaking of Ryder, what in the hell happened to him? I used to hold out so much hope for him, now he’s just another jobber. This guy was a champion. He needs to do something to regain control of his career. Maybe a character change, maybe something else involving social media, he just needs to get people talking again.

Miz versus Dolph Ziggler
Nothing that the Miz does will ever make me like him. It doesn’t matter how good his match was or how well he can speak in his promos, I just do not like him. I think that he is becoming a slightly improved version of what Heath Slater was doing with the legends. You can have Ric Flair in your corner all you want, it doesn’t make you Ric Flair.

Like I’ve mentioned a few times, Ziggler seems stuck. He doesn’t seem to be going anywhere or really doing anything. I hope he cashes in that briefcase and wins a title because he is such a fantastic athlete and is one of the most talented guys in that ring today.

Jack Swagger versus Hacksaw Jim Duggan (with Sgt. Slaughter and Dusty Rhodes)
This was just a quickie match that was over before it began. Swagger attacked all three legends and then started screaming his ‘We The People’ garbage. It was just exciting seeing those three guys come down to the ring. I could have done without Swagger.

Primetime Players versus Team Hell No
A pretty solid match. I love the tag team division and I don’t think that it should ever be treated as a joke. This match had a special stipulation, having Ted DiBiase be the manager for PTP if they won. That would be a brilliant idea, they are a team that could really benefit from some strong leadership. Preferably leadership that doesn’t make rape jokes on live television.

For me, Titus was the stand out wrestler in this match. I just love him in the ring. He just needs to find his niche and then he will sail straight to the top. There is nothing but success in his future.

Wade Barrett versus Alberto Del Rio
This is pretty much just going to be me praising Wade Barrett. I like Del Rio but Wade has just come so far and is a superstar that has everything a fan could want. He is athletic, strong, a fantastic talker, and just has a subdued charisma about him that just makes him magnetic. He is such a strong competitor and is very strong with his ring abilities. When he strikes his opponent, you feel it. There isn’t enough good things that I can say about him other than he has such a bright future ahead of him that it is ridiculous.

Now I can talk about what I wasn’t that fond of and that won’t take long!

I hated the Fandango segment. I think the whole idea of his character is stupid and if it is supposed to appeal to women, someone missed the mark. No woman in her right mind would find that poor man’s John Morrison attractive in any way. What a waste of television time but at least they debuted him instead of showing those awful promos. The only thing I enjoyed about that segment is that Kofi didn’t have to job to that loser.

I thought Triple H did great in his promo but it would have been nice to see Brock there. I think his mic skills could be improved a great deal but if you are building a Wrestlemania program, you damn well better show up each week to work. Speaking of not showing up…

The Rock/Cena segment also made me trail off a bit. It is no secret that I don’t like the Rock so I’m not boring anyone with that. Cena is rubbing my last nerve too. This promo is the same thing that they did last time, the EXACT SAME THING! What really got me was that Cena said that the Rock’s time was up. It’s only up until they do the same main event at Wrestlemania XXX. Nobody is interested,I just want this match to come and go. Besides, everyone knows that the real main event of Wrestlemania is always the Undertaker match.

This brings me to my favorite moment of the show and what, I think, is the biggest moment of 2013.


My enthusiasm for this moment was amplified when Punk won his opportunity to face the Phenom at the SHowcase of the Immortals. although it was won in a very convoluted fatal four-way match (his opponents were Sheamus, Randy Orton, and Big Show), he still earned it.

Punk versus Undertaker. That, ladies and gentleman, is main event material. Nothing will top it.

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