Can I just say I am absolutely SHOCKED that Rocky managed to find time in his busy schedule to actually show up? It was so great that he could grace us with his presence and take fifteen minutes to tell a story that made no sense whatsoever.

I am pretty pleased at the stipulation that was placed on the match though. If The Rock is counted out or disqualified, the title goes back to CM Punk. Obviously I am staying optimistic that Punk will decimate him but the practical side to me knows that the powers to be won’t let that happen. The Rock will carry that belt (part-time) to Wrestlemania where we will be forced to see John Cena win yet another belt. I am one hundred percent behind the point that The Shield was making.

Punk also made a fantastic point when he said something to the effect that Rock stole the title from him. He didn’t just steal it from Punk but he took it from all wrestling fans who give a damn who their champ is. I don’t want a guy who only shows up part-time, whenever his movie schedule will allow. I want a guy who is going to go out there every time and deliver a performance that leaves me speechless. Rocky can’t do that when he shows up in the last five to fifteen minutes of a show. You can’t put in such a miniscule amount of work when there are guys who work themselves to the bone, no matter if they are a jobber or a top guy.

I rant about The Rock all the time but I REALLY don’t like him. He truly is a one trick pony and putting the belt on a part-time champ was a terrible idea. If I ran the WWE, I would have fired whoever came up with that idea for spitting in the face of wrestling fans everywhere. Fuck you Rock, fuck you.

End rant.

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