Face to Heel: My Journey As A WWE Fan.

A change is happening.

As I have preached on this blog many times before, I am a HUGE John Cena fan. I think he represents honesty, integrity, and is entertaining. Look on the face of every child in the audience when he comes out, it’s better that coming face to face with Santa himself. Many say that he is the modern version of Hulk Hogan, the way that he represents what is good and wholesome. He is the quintessential good guy and the perfect leader for WWE in the PG-era. I have bought the posters, shirts, hats, sweat bands, and snuggie (yes, a snuggie). I am a part of the Cenation and I embrace that completely.

But I also ama HUGE CM Punk fan. It’s been a tough road with Punk and I, often a love-hate relationship. There was always something about him that I found incredibly riveting, even if I wasn’t fond of whatever faction he was involved in. He is real, there is no manufactured gimmick behind what he is doing. The Phillip Brooks you see in the ring is the Phillip Brooks that you would meet in real life. I am also a part of the straight edge lifestyle that Punk lives by and I fully embrace that.

What I noticed is that I am moving further away from the Cenation and becoming more of a Paul Heyman guy (in my case, girl). It is all about identifying with a superstar, not necessarily disliking them. I still love Cena but it is hard for me to identify with a man who is superhuman. It is a lot easier with Punk and I see a lot of similarities between the two of us.

I’ve got tattoos, been picked on my entire life, live straight edge (apart from the occasional beer during wrestling), and have had to make my own opportunities in life. When I see CM Punk, I see little bits of myself. I feel like he isn’t just a wrestling personality in the ring, he is a person. That is why, face or heel, people cheer their hearts out for him. He speaks out for those who stand out. His success is attributed to more than him saying his prayers and taking his vitamins, he says exactly what he’s thinking.

I think a lot of it has to do with over-saturation. John Cena is still getting main event status without going through what the other superstars have to, and it kind of frustrates me. He may be the face of the company but he shouldn’t get everything handed to him. Punk may be ‘the guy’ now but he faced so much to get where he is. They both worked hard but Punk had to deal with being doubted once he was within the company. No one has doubts about Cena carrying the company, Punk still has his doubters even after holding the title for over 400 consecutive days. He is the longest reigning champ of the last twenty-five years and dude can’t catch a break.

Punk said it best when he described Cena as a dynasty, that’s what he will be for the rest of his career. He may have had a rough 2012 but he is basically untouchable. What is more intriguing, cheering for someone who is on top all the time or the guy who has to struggle?

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