Many wrestling fans hate that CM Punk is still champion after almost 400 days. Personally, I love it.

There was a point when it seemed like the WWE title was changing hands every month. It frustrated me to no end because I thought it cheapened the value of the title. That belt isn’t something that can be haphazardly be handed from superstar to superstar. Every superstar dreams of becoming the WWE champion. Very few achieve that dream, even fewer retain it for a significant amount of time.

Keeping the title for a while is something that forces whoever has the belt to evolve and keep fans interested. It keeps the hunt to gain the belt more intriguing. Fans are kept at the edge of their seat wondering who is going to knock the king off of the throne. That is the kind of excitement that wrestling is built on.

A champion is an investment.

No one wants to see a doofus carry the belt, and that is a technical term. The person holding that belt needs to make sense. For example, no one can picture someone like Santino Marella or Zack Ryder holding a belt like the WWE championship. I love both of those guys but they couldn’t carry the company. The champion needs to have a certain personality and charisma about them to be able to hold that belt around their waist.

When you get a good champion, it really is magic. Everything just comes together and all feels right within the wrestling universe.

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