Rise Above.

On the October 29th edition of Monday Night Raw, the WWE did something special. John Cena, accompanied by Vince McMahon and the entire Raw locker room, helped to present the Susan G. Komen Foundation with a check for the amount of one million dollars. That money is going to help a lot of people in their fight against breast cancer.

As a huge Cena fan (and I mean HUGE!), I’m always excited when he debuts new ring gear. This gear was different, it had a purpose. On September 16th of this year, at Night of Champions, the Rise Above Cancer campaign began. Cena came out in that pink and black gear like a champion, he wore it so proudly. He caught a lot of flack from people because he was sporting pink. Many called him a homosexual and said that they would never wear pink, they clearly missed the point. I also want to say that real men wear pink (just ask Bret Hart).

Do something as simple as buying a t-shirt, hat, or sweat bands and help save lives. Such an easy and amazing concept.

As a woman, breast cancer is something that hits home with me. I have been lucky enough to never have a friend, relative, or personally been diagnosed with any form of cancer. Not everyone is that lucky. I feel that it is important to support those who truly need it, even if you have no connection to them. Another reason why this campaign meant so much to me (and anyone who participated in it) was that the superstars were seen as people and not the larger than life performers that we know.

Laylas’s speech about her mother just broke my heart. This disease doesn’t just affect those diagnosed with it but everyone who cares about them as well. She spoke about her mother never getting to see her wrestle or get married and I can’t imagine my mom not being around for something as important as my wedding. Listening to things like that makes you really stop and think about your own life and how you would feel if put in the same situation.

It is amazing how such a globally recognized brand like the WWE can band together with their fans to work for such a worthy cause. One million dollars is no small feat. When that check was presented I teared up and clapped in my living room. I have never been prouder to be a WWE fan as I was in that moment. Congratulations WWE and Susan G. Komen!

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