Taker Vs. Ryback: Really?

Since his epic match against Triple H at this year’s Wrestlemania, there has been much speculation as to who the Undertaker would be facing next. The hot rumor flying around on the internet is that Ryback is next in line. Can someone who is relatively new to the ring take on an athlete as legendary and admired as the Undertaker? A Wrestlemania match with the Phenom isn’t something that should be taken lightly, some competitors go their whole career without facing him at Wrestlemania. It is a privilege.

What has Ryback done to deserve a potential shot to face Taker on the grandest stage of sports entertainment? He is built like a brick house, has dominated everyone that he has faced, and is proving himself a force to be reckoned with. He started off facing jobbers and is moving his way up the ladder by facing people like The Miz and being teased in a feud with CM Punk. He is starting to prove himself but is he big enough to carry such a large match? This fan/blogger doesn’t really think so.

I want to make it clear that I really like the Ryback character, even though I rolled my eyes when he debuted. He’s fun, entertaining, and can get a strong reaction from whatever crowd he is in front of. Ryback is providing something that is a little bit different but he has a lot of development ahead of him before he is ready to take on such a high-profile opponent like the Undertaker.

The Undertaker is legendary in my eyes, the man has been wrestling as long as I have been alive. He has to probably be the most admired and respected superstar to ever walk down that ramp towards the ring. His matches at Wrestlemania (and just the fact he has gone 20-0) have provided fans with some of the most memorable moments in the history of wrestling. It takes a special kind of individual to create those moments and Ryback, if he is facing Taker, needs to be prepared mentally for that task.

This moment will be career defining for Ryback. He needs more time to develop and work past that reputation of just being a beast. He isn’t just facing anyone, he is taking on the Undertaker. Maybe I’m some sort of wrestling purist but the Dead Man’s matches are something I hold is the highest regard. Maybe Ryback will be ready next year or a few years from now but I do not think that he is necesarrily the best choice right now. There are still several months left until the showcase of the immortals, so who knows what kind fo direction the character of Ryback will be taken in. If they did face each other, the Undertaker would bury Ryback alive.

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