Night Of Champions And Beyond.

The Night of Champions event saw one title change and furthered a few feuds. It started off a little slow but finished strong with a controversial ending. I thought it was a good pay-per-view but it definitely had its share of highs and lows, let’s take a look at a few of those…


Dolph Ziggler versus Randy Orton: I thought that this was the best match of the entire event. These two men really know how to entertain. I liked it better than some of the title matches, which I found stale and boring. The only problem that I had with this match was Randy Orton’s complete lack of care for his career. He seemed to laugh off his two Wellness violations and then he was caught giving the finger and allegedly having a verbal altercation with fans at ringside on Sunday. Who does that? He may want to turn heel but he should not go about it this way. It makes him look bad. On the other hand, Ziggler keeps on improving each time that he is in the ring. What he needs to do is get rid of Vickie. Sure, she has helped him gain heat and everything but he is big enough that he can carry himself. They should put her with Jack Swagger, I hear that he isn’t up to much these days…

Rise Above Cancer campaign: This is one of the best things that the WWE has ever done. As a woman, I am so proud that a company I love is taking such a stand for something that is so important. Many commented that they hate that John Cena is promoting this and that the color is pink. One, it doesn’t matter who is promoting the campaign. What is important is that something that affects people is being brought to the forefront. Two, pink is the color that is used to represent breast cancer. Wearing that color does not make a person a homosexual. They are really going full force with this by having the middle rope be pink and by having the Susan G. Komen logo prominently displayed on the ramp. Companies as large and globally recognized as the WWE have to take the lead in making causes known. They inform the fans and the fans inform other fans. I have already ordered my Rise Above Cancer shirt and hat and can’t wait to wear it.

Finish of the main event: This ending was perfect in furthering the feud between Cena and Punk. It seemed a little hokey when it happened but it made perfect sense afterwards. They can’t just keep going back and forth, exchanging the title at every pay-per-view or Monday Night Raw. Having a false finish gives them something to work off of and is identical to the finish between Shawn Michaels and British Bulldog in May of 1996 at an In Your House Event. It added a unique twist in my opinion.

JBL on commentary: I just have to say that he was so refreshing behind that desk and a nice choice to cover for Jerry Lawler.


Fatal Four Way match: This had to be the most boring match that I have ever watched. It seemed slapped together and very disorganized. What the hell was Sin Cara doing in that match? He barely did anything and sat on the outside of the ring for the most of it. They REALLY need to do something with him because it is just becoming embarrassing.

The broadcast of Monday Night Raw was the fallout from Night of Champions and the hot topic of the night was the second false finish in the saga of CM Punk and John Cena. While a few interesting things happened, like the main event, it just was not the same without Lawler sitting behind the desk. I found the crowd very, very boring and just not interested in what is going on. It made for a flat show that seemed to rehash the high points and low points of the previous night. I sincerely hope that next week they have a hotter crowd to keep interest or I may have to watch some ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’ re-runs.

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