R.I.P Triple H?

The main event at the twenty-fifth anniversary of Summerslam was built up to be one for the ages. It pitted the cerebral assassin, Triple H, against Brock Lesnar, a former wrestler and mixed martial artist. The build up in the weeks leading up to the match was extremely riveting, having viewers engaged and on the edge of their seats.I don’t care much (or at all) for Lesnar but I was one of those fans eager to see how it would turn out. However, the reality differed greatly from the expectations.

For a match to go after the WWE championship match, it has to be very special. This had all the potential in the world to be one of those great moments that fans would remember, it fell a little flat.

While Hunter got some good shots in, it was basically Brock Lesnar beatingup on Triple H for what seemed like an eternity. You could equate it to seeing someone being beaten in the streets and you’re powerless to stop it. All it did was show how much of a “tough” guy Lesnar is. I use the word tough in quotations because I don’t think Lesnar is as tough as his image projects. He can come out in his thickly padded gloves, sponsor laden trunks, and hopping around like he pooped his pants all he wants. Strip that away and he has nothing, he can’t cut it in a wrestling ring. I’m not saying that because I don’t like him,he just can’t do it.

He can draw huge numbers and reactions but he just can’t compete. I also agree, very strongly, with the sentiment that he shouldn’t be able to cherry pick his matches or when he shows upon television. There are guys that work a LOT harder than him and deserve a lot more but their television time is being scaled down for a guy who shows up for a week total. According to sources, he isn’t scheduled to come back until Survivor Series. What makes him worthy of a atop spot if hecan’t consistently appear? I saw a comment equating Brock’s limited appearances to those of the Undertaker. This made me mighty angry and that is a simple explanation as to why.

The Undertaker earned respect and the right to do that, Brock Lesnar didn’t. Comparing the two is like comparing caviar and spam. It just doesn’t happen.

And as for Monday Night Raw the following night, they made it seems like Triple H was retired. Talk about having piss poor judgement. The match that he had with Undertaker at Wrestlemania was one of the best matches I have ever seen. Why would you retire fighting Brock Lesnar? I hope that there is some kind of plan in place so he can redeem himself. There is no way an athlete of Triple H’s caliber would end his illustrious career with a match like that. One can only hope…

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