Is Anyone Home?

There has been so much that has gone on within the WWE in the last couple weeks and it is making me wonder what is happening in the company. From divorces to suspensions and threats of quitting, it seems like the sports entertainment giant is going to hell in a handbasket. In all honesty, the last little bit of programming hasn’t been up to the usual standards that the viewers are used to enjoying. With all of the reported violations of the Wellness Policy and sustained injuries, it is causing a shuffle in who is featured in shows and story angles.

I’ve said this many times before, they need to start letting these mid-card and lower-card talents develop so that they have a sustainable talent base to work with. As much as I love Cena, the company can’t live or die with him. God forbid that he gets injured or retires, they need people who can carry the interest of the viewers. I complain every week that there isn’t enough Zack Ryder on the show or that someone like Santino Marella needs to be taken more seriously as a competitor. These guys are going to be the ones who replace the John Cena’s or the CM Punk’s when their time is up (I sincerely hope that time never comes!). The success of the company shouldn’t be placed on the shoulders of a few guys, it needs to be spread around so that each person is making a contribution as well as building a fan base.

That being said, the creative team should be taking more time and putting in more consideration as to who will face off against who and building that story up. The creative team at WWE is one of the best I have ever seen at work but even the best make mistakes every once in a while. There needs to be substance and length to a feud, it can’t be something that is over in a few weeks. Some of the most memorable feuds have been the ones that are on and off, extending over years. It seems like there are new stories every other week and there is no time to get attached or involved in what is going on. Also, another thing that needs to stop is inserting people into feuds that have no real purpose there in the first place. Just because someone comes back from an injury, shouldnt mean that they get thrust into the spotlight. It shouldnt matter what their position within the company is and other people should have time to shine.

With the 1,000th episode of Monday Night Raw fast approaching and the expansion to a three-hour show, hopefully those in charge within the company can implement some of my ideas. A wrestling fan can dream!

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